After more than 30 years in the bar & restaurant industry, working every position from washing dishes to co-owning establishments, I decided that I needed to do what I had always done best; feed people and pour drinks in a casual, fun, downhome atmosphere.

Howard had just retired from many years operating tractor-trailers in the construction industry, so what better way to ease into retirement than to jump head-first into the crazy world of bar & restaurant ownership!

After searching all over Sonoma County for the right place, we saw a need in Healdsburg for a place where locals and their families could go without all the fuss and attitude many people encounter in Healdsburg. A place where if you are a tourist lucky enough to wander off the Plaza, you’ll find yourself treated like family and be invited to come on in, have a great meal & drink and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. A place with REAL FOOD DONE REALLY GOOD.

Wild Flowers got off to a bit of a rough start, with flash flooding in December 2014 shutting down many parts of Healdsburg, including the not-yet open restaurant & bar, that was being scrubbed top to bottom, updated and re-decorated by Howard, myself and many of our friends & family. Never people to give up without a fight, we pushed back the opening a bit & burned the midnight oil to get everything just right.

On December 29, 2014, we opened our doors and welcomed Healdsburg into our home away from home!

Our hope is to be a place where regular folks can be “regulars” and count on great food, fantastic drinks and good times!

Wild Flowers Steakhouse & Saloon may not be fancy, but we sure are fun! Come say hi!

-Vivian & Howard

(Wild Flowers Steakhouse & Saloon is owned by husband & wife, Howard & Vivian Flowers)